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Hops Harvest – Year 1


Harvest day for my Centennial hops that I’m growing as a part of Hardywood Brewery’s Community Hopping Project.

In the spring of 2012, Hardywood gave out 1000 rhizomes to local gardeners interested in growing hops and contributing to a commercially brewed beer. The freshly picked local hops will serve as 100% of the hop bill of Hardywood’s RVA IPA.

I pulled 2.1 ounces and left the bines up for now to allow the plants to store up for the winter. It’s not much, but since many first year bines don’t flower at all, I’m excited to be able to contribute something.

I’ll turn them in to Hardywood today as well as meet up for a talk with head brewer Brian Nelson to learn more about bine management.

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