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Practice, practice, practice

I’ve had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time at the range recently. It’s good “in the moment” time and getting to know both my sidearm and a range of carbines has been enjoyable, especially Beretta’s CX4, which is used by several police departments across the US, including The College of William and Mary Campus Police Department.

That said, I have a problem that’s common for many new pistol shooters – low left. I’ve read countless forum posts from people blaming their weapon, the sights, or even the weather instead of the real problem — the shooter.

17-May, 2013, 15 yards, Beretta 9mm PX4 Sub-Compact

17-May, 2013, 15 yards, Beretta 9mm PX4 Sub-Compact

I view every visit to the range as an opportunity to improve and so setting goals for a particular session based on previous performance is important, otherwise, I’m just sending lead down range. My short-term goal is to master the 15-yard line with my pistol but I have some fundamental issues to address before I get there.

Specifically, I have a tendency to make a fist while firing instead of simply squeezing the trigger. By doing so, the pinky on my right hand is pulling the muzzle down and to the left as I fire, resulting in the low left shots seen in the target. With a little practice, this should be easily correctable.

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