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I made a few updates to this morning.

Monkey Hustle is the home of a network of family-friendly Minecraft game servers that I own and manage that allows people to play the game in a profanity-free environment. At present, I have two servers up and running.

The original server, located at, is set to Easy mode and is geared toward players ages 6-12 (and their parents!). We have a great community of parents and kids who play together there. There are about 60 people on our growing whitelist and the server is able to handle 15-20 players concurrently.

The second and more recent server,, is a hardcore server with a few plug-ins to make surviving a little more challenging. There is also a deathban in place — if you die, you’re automatically locked out of the game until the end of the month when the server is reset.

I have plans to add a third server that runs in Creative mode, allowing players to build anything they can imagine, but I’m still in the planning stage for that one.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly server on which to play Minecraft, consider joining us at

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