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Switching to WordPress from ExpressionEngine

I’ve been a customer of ExpressionEngine since their pMachine days — back when you could still send a support-related PM directly to Paul Burdick and not get a completely snarky reply (I miss that guy).

I was also responsible for introducing EE into Media General, first as a blogging tool and later as our main CMS, when the company realized what a huge mistake it was to use Day’s CQ.¬†At one time, the company managed almost all of its television and newspaper sites on EE before we opted to build a custom solution using Django.

I’ve installed and upgraded EE literally hundreds and hundreds of time — but I’m done with that.

ExpressionEngine, especially since it migrated to using the CodeIgniter framework, has grown into great CMS and I’d highly recommend it for many situations but for me, its become unwieldy as a simple, user-friendly blogging tool in terms of functionality and cost. I feel that the company has also failed to give any real attention to improving the ill-designed control panel that came with EE 2. The same goes for their forum software in terms of features and the ability to theme them. I realize most EE installs don’t use the forums but it was a feature that I used on almost every site I set up and it was a royal pain in the ass to apply a theme to them that matched the parent web site. As the company has grown, I also feel that support requests on their forums were handled in a less than helpful and sometimes unprofessional manner.

So I’ve moved to a self-hosted install of WordPress. I’m still very new to the app but so far, everything has been a breeze to do — from installation ofthe software to customization with various plug-ins. I’ll also slap a new theme on the site at some point in the future.

Thanks for the memories EE but it’s time for us to part ways.

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